1. Is participation voluntary?

This benefits package is voluntary and is designed to complement and supplement the "core" benefits package your employees receive. All of the policies presented in the HCA CorePlus Benefits program are available as separate policies so that employees may build a benefits package that suits their needs.

2. Is a physical exam required?

Acceptance is guaranteed for all HCA CorePlus Benefits plans during the employee’s open enrollment period, except for short-term disability where coverage may be dependent upon medical clearance or examination at the discretion of the provider. Employees must enroll before their enrollment ends to take advantage of the guaranteed enrollment offered by HCA CorePlus Benefits.

3. Are HCA CorePlus Benefits available to full-time and part-time employees?

To be eligible for HCA CorePlus Benefits an employee must have a status of Full or Part-time and work a norm of 16 hours a week or 32 bi-weekly.

4. I am an HCA employee and want to enroll in HCA CorePlus Benefits.

If the employee was a recent new hire. An employee can expect to be included in a Newly Eligible Enrollment two months from their hire month. Example: If an employee was hired in September, they will most likely be included in the November enrollment. Employees can call the enrollment line at 1-800-520-1553 and to watch for materials at their home announcing the enrollment. Please note that the enrollment line is open the first two full weeks of every month. If you have a unique situation or if an employee needs special attention about an enrollment situation you may call Mickey Ponder 1-812-542-2380 (during enrollments) or Ashley Clark at 1-888-243-8322 outside of enrollment periods. For the Long-Term Care Insurance Plan from MetLife, employees have 90 days from their date of eligibility to enroll in this benefit. All other HCA CorePlus Benefits plans are only available during the employee’s two-week enrollment period.

The next scheduled Open Enrollment will be in 2005. Please refer to the enrollment schedule included in this Web site.

5. Will LifeTimes Connection have information about HCA CorePlus Benefits?

Yes, basic information regarding CorePlus Benefits has been provided to LifeTimes Connection. If an employee calls the LifeTimes Connections Benefits Center by mistake, they will be forwarded on to the CorePlus Benefits Call Center.

6. Does this mean that employees will have to call two call centers to enroll in their benefits?

Yes, "core" benefits enrollment is through LifeTimes Connection. Voluntary benefits enrollment is through HCA CorePlus Benefits.

7. How often will HCA be updating employee information regarding new hires and terminations?

HCA and CorePlus Benefits exchanges a weekly "changes" file of employee demographic changes, transfers or terminations.

8. Will the New Hire Enrollments continue during the Open Enrollments?


9. What if an employee does not receive their enrollment guide in the mail?

Employees do not have to have the guide to call into the Enrollment Call Center. Additionally, all information that is included in the guide can be found on our Web site at, where they can print out the information and also request an enrollment counselor to call them.

10. I have an employee who tried to call the Call Center but couldn’t get through. What should they do?

On the rare occasion that a call goes into the queue, employees will have the opportunity to leave a message for an enrollment counselor to call the employee back to enroll them. We hope that this does not happen, but there are also additional options. On our Web Site, employees can fill out a request for an enrollment counselor to call them. They just need to give their name, phone number and a time that would be convenient for them. The second option if the employee does not have access to the Web site, you (the HR) could call the CorePlus Benefits HR HelpLine at 1-888-243-8322 or email at with the employee’s name, phone number and time for the call and we will relay the information to the Call Center.

11. I have an employee who recently enrolled in HCA CorePlus Benefits. When will their policies be effective?

Universal Life (UL), Short Term Disability (STD), Legal Benefit, Vision Benefit(ECPA is only offered to a select group of union employees) are all effective the same month payroll deductions begin.

Long-Term Care (LTC) policies are effective on the first of the month after acceptance into the plan as long as the employee is actively at work (not absent due to disability, leave or illness). Enrolled employees will receive information in the mail from the provider detailing the benefit they purchased. If the employee does not have this information, the provider can be reached through our policyholder service line 1-877-650-4251 and select the option for the benefit in which they are inquiring.

12. I have an employee with HCA CorePlus Benefits who would like to increase their coverage.

UL: Employees may increase or take out additional coverage such as for a spouse, child or grandchild during a scheduled Open Enrollment. We recently completed an open enrollment during the summer of 2005. If you would like to ask questions before your enrollment, you may contact one

STD: The STD policy is not an automatic increase with an employee’s salary. If an employee wishes to increase their monthly benefit amount, they may do so during the 2005 Open Enrollment.

Legal: If your employee has the Legal Benefit their spouse and dependents (age 23 and younger) are covered under this benefit. This is the maximum benefit available under this plan.

ECPA: This benefit is only offered to a select group of union employees. These employees may add or delete a spouse or dependents at anytime by calling ECPA at 1-877-650-4251 option 5. They will need the Name, DOB and SSN handy when calling to make this change.

LTC: If an employee is interested in increasing their Long Term Care Insurance Plan, please contact the carrier (MetLife if purchased after May 2003, or Aetna if purchased before May 2003) of your policy and a Customer Service representative will be able to assist in this request.

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